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Senior Manager Operational Audit
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Corporate Audit is the 3rd Line for the BMW Group. Its existence is legally required and its appropriate performance is essential for the BMW AG Board of Management to avoid being subject of an accusation regarding organisational negligence. Corporate Audit assess and enhance compliance of BMW Group entities with specific mandatory audit requirements particularly in but not limited to the area of Financial Services.

Corporate Audit as the 3rd Line is responsible to give assurance to Corporate Management. This focuses on Compliance (adherence to legal standards), Risk Management (containing risks) as well as Business Performance (opportunities), Leadership Performance and employee behavior. Specific focus of audit activities on areas with risk and legal implications (e.g. Compliance, Joint Venture activities). The role involves audits of the BMW Group activities in Greater China, Korea and Japan, in addition to working occasionally in international teams in other BMW Group locations worldwide.

The post holder is required to indicate risks in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, compliance and implementation of strategy in the areas of Finance, Sales and Marketing, HR and Financial Services.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for designing and conducting audit activities considering statutory and regulatory as well as BMW Group requirements.
  • Responsibility for assessing the effectiveness of internal controls, processes and methods as well as the implementation of BMW Group strategies and board decisions.
  • Responsibility for documentation of audit activities and audit results.
  • Responsibility for assessment of management actions (follow-up process).
  • Preparation of audit assignment and Field Work Concept for standardized audits.
  • Self-responsible preparation of audit activities with respect to standardized audits, including prioritizing of audit topics, analysis of requested documents, performing interviews and performance of data analysis using available data science methods and tools.
  • Self-responsible performance and documentation of audit activities with focus on complex matters in a familiar environment as well as standard and complex/comprehensive processes.
  • Derivation of possible findings and preparation of the presentation of preliminary audit results and presentation to the audited head of department.
  • Preparation of draft audit report in English including general impression, report summary, tables and charts as well as recommendations.
  • Reconciliation of draft audit report including assessment of planned management actions and implementation dates with respect to audit recommendations as well as preparation of the audit report for publication.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the agreed management actions in terms of time and quality by following up audit recommendations.
  • Member of a Center of Excellence of Corporate Audit and support of the head of Center of Excellence with respect to knowledge transfer within Corporate Audit, revision of documents and templates (e.g. template Field Work Concept), derivation of new audit topics and audit approaches.
  • To contribute to Corporate Audit department through participation in International Audit Conference and through joint international audits.


  • University degree or similar (at least 4 years standard study duration). Supplementary, e.g. professional qualification desired.
  • English and / or German proficiency, preferably other language skills (depending on team location).
  • Intercultural competence and ability to adapt to intercultural requirements.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills, especially presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Exceptional analytical skills to understand complex processes and summarize respective results in a clear and comprehensive way.
  • Ability to think and act strategically (problem solving ability)
  • Trustworthy and integer personality.
  • Careful handling of sensitive topics and conflicts.
  • Flexibility with a readiness to travel and work abroad.
  • Competence to interview all necessary level of management in headquarters, regional and local functions.
  • Competence to present the planned audit scope and the audit results including areas for improvement and audit recommendations to relevant management in headquarters and local functions.
  • Competence to assess planned management actions and implementation dates.
  • Relationship management and continuous networking with headquarters and regional management.
  • 5 - 8 years of work experience.
  • Work experience in different job families and business departments required.
  • Work experience in operational and/or strategic functions desired.
  • Positive validation for leadership career desired, but not essential.
  • Experience as a (sub)-project lead desired.
  • Technical depth and expertise in at least one business focus topic.
  • Professional / Auditing work experience e.g. outside BMW Group as an external or internal auditor.
  • Willing to travel, approximately 15 - 18 weeks per year.
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